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Skin woes

Pimpelia- a name I would give to my elder sibling when her skin was acting up- a fitting description for me this past month- a mixture of hormones and heavy makeup in the Dubai heat had me really battling with my skin recently.

My godsends: the Blossom Blend range of products! L’oreal Pure clay glow mask , Phytocare Lumiluxe and The Ordinary Peeling Solution.

My regimen has gone something like this : use the L’oreal Pure clay glow mask ( available at Clicks, Dischem, Pick n Pay) in the shower. Cleanse my face with face wipes (Nivea or Neutrogena) . Next I use the Exfoliating Toner from Blossomblend followed by the Skinquench gel. Twice a week I use the Oil as well before applying my makeup.

I mentioned previously how much I love the Blossomblend Youthful Tonic Exfoliating toner and when I got back I started using this as well as the other two products from the range- SkinQuench ( with Rosemary and Aloe) and the Blossom Oil Blend.

My only gripe is that the nozzle on my Skinquench was not working properly and I’ve gotten squirts of gel in my eye a few times as it goes EVERYWHERE- I probably just landed a faulty nozzle, nothing major. The Oil you are told to use as a spritz but it’s more of a blob of oil (again my poor eye was victim🤣) that comes out so it’s better to dispense some into your hand and then massage into your skin- but not too much!

night before bed I've been cleansing my face and applying the Lumiluxe from Phytocare- I absolutely adore the smell of this product! Divine. The results from using this are clearly visible in the mirror on awaking- supple, radiant skin ( the ingredients stimulate collagen production ). This product works great as a primer before makeup application as well.

stly I've been using The Ordinary Peeling Solution from Muse Beauty to remove marks that the pimples have left behind faster, to give me healthier looking skin and improve my skin tone- this I do once a week (weekend pamper sesh). I've previously done a full review on this product which is a very delicate chemical peel that doesn't hurt at all.

And as Murphy's Law would have it, the moment I stopped using these products diligently I once again am left with 2 annoying little buggers- one on my forehead and one on my chin 😒. I can be so lazy with beauty regimens at times, and I also thought that my skin looked great again so I decided to stop using them so regularly- bad move.

All product suppliers will be tagged in my instagram post. Have you tried any of these products? Please share your thoughts and tips below. Thanks for reading ❤️.


Glow essentials

Recently I've had several requests from people to please share my beauty regimen with you guys as they've noticed that my skin was looking quite glowy and healthy.

In all honesty, I have had what for me is quite bad skin this past month, as a result of my hormones being all over the place! I've had a pimple crop up every 10-14 days which is not normal for my skin. I've thus taken a bit of extra care of my skin and even with those concerns, managed to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

So my latest beauty regimen consists of Gardenia and Argan eye and face cream from the Argan Co-op in Essaouira , Morocco. Unfortunately this is not available in SA.

I have been using the infinity Crystal Blanc from Nadia Motala Hair and beauty for the last 2 months- I don't use them every day, instead every second day and sometimes if I forget to use them then 2 at a time! I'm convinced that this together with the drip that I had at Reviv in Umhlanga, is why I did not get sick this winter even though EVERYONE around me had the worst bout of flu that stuck around for 2 full weeks! These patches are great for achieving even toned skin and I've even noticed my slight pigmentation get a bit lighter now. They're hailed as a lightening patch to lighten the skin and if you're following me for a while you know I'm totally against promoting skin lightening however, I feel that what this does is give you a bright, glowy look – for instance how your skin looks after a steam facial – even toned, bright and healthy.

My other new fave product right now is from Muse Beauty. The Farsali 24 k Rose Gold Elixir. This is the key to faking the glow even if you don't have it. Use it before you apply your foundation to help you stay hydrated and achieve that sun-kissed glow

My skin just soaks this up without leaving an oily layer or any discomfort. It's suitable for all skin types and is packed with Rosehip oil, vitamin E oil, 24 K gold etc to fight off aging, help with pigmentation and stretch marks. You can even add a few drops to your foundation. So lightweight and deeply nourishing and hydrating.

What I also do is make sure to use a mask atleast every 10-15 days . Right now I'm using The Ordinary , peeling solution (from Muse Beauty) once a month alternating with a sheet mask , Tony Moly (from Muse Beauty) or any of those available from Shades of Mink.

Before bed I apply Superskin Elixir from Phytocare and allow that to work it's magic while I dream! So you see , great skin takes work and is totally possible even when your skin is bent on being a pain in the butt! I forgot to mention that I absolutely make sure to remove all my makeup before bed and use a mildly exfoliating face scrub daily whilst showering (Rooibos or Nivea). And don't forget the sunscreen!

Hope you enjoyed this , let me know what else you'd like to read in the comments below.

Reydiant Natural Products

I recently received a delivery of products courtesy of Reydiant so I decided to put together a little blog post as well as my first Video tutorial (on instagram) to tell you more about their products.


First lets start with a bit of background about the company. Reydiant was founded in 2015 when it was realised that there was a real need for South African Natural Products. The founder’s niece had terrible colic and while watching their family suffer they put their heads together and Reydiant was born out of their research. One of the founders of Reydiant holds a degree in BSc. (Hons) in Biotechnology with a research focus on natural products and antibiotics from the South African Environment. The other founder holds a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering with a focus on Process Engineering. Their products are hand-blended with the finest ingredients.


Reydiant products are manufactured in accordance with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) as stipulated by the World Health Organisation. They ensure that they always deliver quality products to their customers.


My favourite from the package is the
Facial oil for normal skin, or Oil cleansing Method. I have used this whenever I’ve worn heavy makeup and have been very impressed with the results. It removes all my makeup including eye makeup and doesn’t dry my skin out. This is perfect for the harsh winters that we experience on this side of the country.  It absolutely is a one-step cleaning method and the ease is evident in the video up on my instagram account.

It is lightweight and at first I was worried that it might clog my pores and cause breakouts but it doesn’t do that at all.  It aids in skin regeneration and moisturises and cleanses. At R85 a bottle, it’s reasonably priced especially since its the only cleansing product you will need to use to get the job done while treating your skin to some essential oils.


Reydiant’s Skin Care products are all natural, contain no parabens, parafins or harsh chemicals.  The Rose Hibiscus bath Salts smell divine and I love the bits of Rose petals added to the mixture, not only does it look and smell amazing, its therapeutic too! These natural salts soothe stiff, tired muscles and joints,decrease inflammation and relax the body.


Their range includes a host of Mommy and Baby products : from colic relief and an oral thrush remedy to natural tissue oil and a “goodbye cankles” for those swollen preggy feet.


You can find reydiant online at their online store reydiant.com or on instagram @reydiant_natural_products.

Beauty Secrets- favourite skin products

I’m frequently questioned about my skin both in real life and on instagram which is the main reason that I decided to write this beauty post. Let me start off by saying that I’ve mostly been blessed with clear skin my whole life (Alhamdulillah). I’ve had a brief episode of annoying pimples when I stopped the oral contraceptive a few years back and for that I have discovered that wet cupping, Danné Montague King facials, green detox smoothies and a natural hormone balancer called Agnus Castus worked wonders for my skin.


At present I don’t have any skin issues except that my face can be prone to dryness. My typical daily facial routine would consist of alternating a scrub with a face wash in the shower. Having skin that doesn’t react to products, I always purchase whatever catches my eye in stores. At present I’m quite happy trying out the different Himalaya face washes and scrubs , their price is very reasonable and I’m quiet pleased with the range in general.


After showering I remove excess impurities with facial wipes , I prefer the alcohol-free variety as they don’t dry my skin out but I usually purchase whatever I can get my hands on. Next comes whichever eye and face cream I’m trying out and at present it’s still Lancôme Genifique. I’m also using their serum and I quite like the non greasy, light formula of the range, although not having wrinkles yet, I can’t comment on the anti-aging claims. Sunscreen is a must for me and I use either Clarins UV plus anti-pollution spf 50 or Esteé Lauder Daywear spf 50 both of which are non greasy and don’t leave your face white as sunscreens tend to do.


Twice a month on a Sunday I spoil my skin as follows: I cleanse my face thoroughly with the Thirsty Cleanse Glam Glow that I purchased from Sephora in Istanbul. This works great and smells so amazing that I feel like eating it! Next goes on one of the assortment of sheet masks that I love from Yasmeen @shadesofmink_store ( http://www.shadesofmink.com ) and if I don’t have any on hand I make use of one of the masks from the Himalaya range. I have the Neem as well as the Almond and Cucumber peel-off mask at present and they’re both good, although I’m not a fan of peel-off masks in general so I won’t be buying that again.


I also purchased a mini version of the Glamglow Youthmud Tingle exfoliate treatment on holiday which I have been trying out but I think I expected too much as I don’t even feel a Tingle with this. I’m keen to try the other variants in the range when this is finished and both the Thirsty Cleanse and the Youthmud can be bought locally from Tasneem @muse.sa on instagram.


On a normal working day I slap some BB cream on my skin- LA Girl is my “go-to” product for the last 18 months. This BB cream gives you even- toned skin but is not obvious because the colour blends in extremely well as the formulation is super light, almost like a lotion and only costs around R50 a tube. On Sundays or on holidays I love playing with my makeup, I had been using the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation since I purchased one in Dubai last January but for the past 3 months I haven’t been able to find my colour at Clicks in Gateway and my branch doesn’t stock the range. I decided to give Maxfactor Skin Luminizer a try because it seemed like it was the next best thing but boy was I wrong! I really thought they were selling me an empty bottle because the formula is extremely light weight. This product in my opinion is not the next best thing , it’s actually better! It gives you glowy skin and their beige is a much better match to my skin tone. I simply love this product!


Ofcourse with foundation come the primers (Smashbox or too faced) , highlighters ( smashbox ) , concealer ( LA Girl or Elizabeth Arden) and occasionally Hourglass Ambient lighting powder ( also available from @muse.sa ). All these contribute to that flawless, glowing skin we all love but there’s no substitute for healthy skin and there’s no other way to attain healthy skin other than by looking after it.

Diet is obviously an important aspect of healthy skin: drink plenty of water , try to eat green salads atleast 3 times a week and add avocados to your diet atleast 3 times a week for their omega 3 fatty acids. I only cook with organic coconut oil, virgin olive oil/macadamia oil or avocado oil which are packed with Omegas and Vitamin E. Getting enough sleep is also great for your body, skin and wellbeing but I wouldn’t know about that since my social media accounts have robbed me of a few hours of sleep.