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Amazing teeth whitening kit results reveal

About two months ago I received The amazing teeth whitening kit from Dentist Dr Amod. It was not my first time using a kit like this so I was quite familiar with how to use these.

The kit consists of a set of gum guards, a case for the guards , 8 ampoules of the whitening gel , a shade kit and a blue led light.

As I’ve mentioned previously, you have to protect your gums because if they are in contact with the gel for prolonged periods, you will get painful blisters!

This is what I do, cotton wool/a cut up cotton pad stuffed in my bottom and top lip and behind my bottom lip to catch the seepage.

The procedure for using these are pretty straight forward and mentioned in full detail at the back of the box. The reason this review took a while is that A) I needed to use these 8 times and B) I don’t like doing treatments one after the other, because even though I didn’t have any teeth sensitivity at all, my gums do tend to get slightly tender so I prefer to leave a day in between treatments.

I kept the guards on for 20-30 minutes and from the shade chart I think I went from a 6/7 to a 2/3 which is amazing results especially for a non -invasive really pocket friendly kit.

The bottom is my (tiny teeth) before and the top is after – no filters used except I should mention the before is taken indoors and the after outside. The results speak for themselves – it works like a bomb! For all queries contact Dr Amod’s practice on 0712060636.


Skin woes

Pimpelia- a name I would give to my elder sibling when her skin was acting up- a fitting description for me this past month- a mixture of hormones and heavy makeup in the Dubai heat had me really battling with my skin recently.

My godsends: the Blossom Blend range of products! L’oreal Pure clay glow mask , Phytocare Lumiluxe and The Ordinary Peeling Solution.

My regimen has gone something like this : use the L’oreal Pure clay glow mask ( available at Clicks, Dischem, Pick n Pay) in the shower. Cleanse my face with face wipes (Nivea or Neutrogena) . Next I use the Exfoliating Toner from Blossomblend followed by the Skinquench gel. Twice a week I use the Oil as well before applying my makeup.

I mentioned previously how much I love the Blossomblend Youthful Tonic Exfoliating toner and when I got back I started using this as well as the other two products from the range- SkinQuench ( with Rosemary and Aloe) and the Blossom Oil Blend.

My only gripe is that the nozzle on my Skinquench was not working properly and I’ve gotten squirts of gel in my eye a few times as it goes EVERYWHERE- I probably just landed a faulty nozzle, nothing major. The Oil you are told to use as a spritz but it’s more of a blob of oil (again my poor eye was victim🤣) that comes out so it’s better to dispense some into your hand and then massage into your skin- but not too much!

night before bed I've been cleansing my face and applying the Lumiluxe from Phytocare- I absolutely adore the smell of this product! Divine. The results from using this are clearly visible in the mirror on awaking- supple, radiant skin ( the ingredients stimulate collagen production ). This product works great as a primer before makeup application as well.

stly I've been using The Ordinary Peeling Solution from Muse Beauty to remove marks that the pimples have left behind faster, to give me healthier looking skin and improve my skin tone- this I do once a week (weekend pamper sesh). I've previously done a full review on this product which is a very delicate chemical peel that doesn't hurt at all.

And as Murphy's Law would have it, the moment I stopped using these products diligently I once again am left with 2 annoying little buggers- one on my forehead and one on my chin 😒. I can be so lazy with beauty regimens at times, and I also thought that my skin looked great again so I decided to stop using them so regularly- bad move.

All product suppliers will be tagged in my instagram post. Have you tried any of these products? Please share your thoughts and tips below. Thanks for reading ❤️.

My thoughts on the Mikyajy 22k illuminating baked powder

@Laha_sa recently sent me a Mikyajy 22 K Illuminating baked powder to try out and I was delighted as this is my first product from the range. The baked powder comes in a sleek black packaging and was received in some pretty branded wrapping.

Mikyajy is made in Italy and has over 200 stores in the Middle east. I always walk past it in the malls but never quite made it into one of them.

The packaging is classy and the product has a solid feel to it. I swatched the powder on my hand to get a feel for it and I must admit that at first I wasn’t a 100% sure what its to be used for- is it a finishing powder that you can use to bake/set your concealer? Is it a highlighter?

I quickly checked out @laha_sa and read that it is a highlighter with oil absorbing properties that won’t cake the skin- ok!

I’m not one to try to blind people with my highlighter 😂 and look like a disco ball so I quite like this highlighter. I purchased the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette and I don’t have the guts to walk around like I have emerald green/sapphire glistening alien skin 🙈. I prefer a product that can be subtle yet you can build it up if there’s load shedding or something- lol I’m just playing- if you are going to a function and need a bit more glam. In the pics below you can view the product on my skin- I think the shade is perfect for Indian skin and looks quite natural- allowing you to have beautiful glowing skin without necessarily looking like you’ve layered on highlighter.

In my next post I’ll highlight the products that helped me get my skin back in great shape after hormones and the heat in Dubai left me with aweful pimples

Glow essentials

Recently I've had several requests from people to please share my beauty regimen with you guys as they've noticed that my skin was looking quite glowy and healthy.

In all honesty, I have had what for me is quite bad skin this past month, as a result of my hormones being all over the place! I've had a pimple crop up every 10-14 days which is not normal for my skin. I've thus taken a bit of extra care of my skin and even with those concerns, managed to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

So my latest beauty regimen consists of Gardenia and Argan eye and face cream from the Argan Co-op in Essaouira , Morocco. Unfortunately this is not available in SA.

I have been using the infinity Crystal Blanc from Nadia Motala Hair and beauty for the last 2 months- I don't use them every day, instead every second day and sometimes if I forget to use them then 2 at a time! I'm convinced that this together with the drip that I had at Reviv in Umhlanga, is why I did not get sick this winter even though EVERYONE around me had the worst bout of flu that stuck around for 2 full weeks! These patches are great for achieving even toned skin and I've even noticed my slight pigmentation get a bit lighter now. They're hailed as a lightening patch to lighten the skin and if you're following me for a while you know I'm totally against promoting skin lightening however, I feel that what this does is give you a bright, glowy look – for instance how your skin looks after a steam facial – even toned, bright and healthy.

My other new fave product right now is from Muse Beauty. The Farsali 24 k Rose Gold Elixir. This is the key to faking the glow even if you don't have it. Use it before you apply your foundation to help you stay hydrated and achieve that sun-kissed glow

My skin just soaks this up without leaving an oily layer or any discomfort. It's suitable for all skin types and is packed with Rosehip oil, vitamin E oil, 24 K gold etc to fight off aging, help with pigmentation and stretch marks. You can even add a few drops to your foundation. So lightweight and deeply nourishing and hydrating.

What I also do is make sure to use a mask atleast every 10-15 days . Right now I'm using The Ordinary , peeling solution (from Muse Beauty) once a month alternating with a sheet mask , Tony Moly (from Muse Beauty) or any of those available from Shades of Mink.

Before bed I apply Superskin Elixir from Phytocare and allow that to work it's magic while I dream! So you see , great skin takes work and is totally possible even when your skin is bent on being a pain in the butt! I forgot to mention that I absolutely make sure to remove all my makeup before bed and use a mildly exfoliating face scrub daily whilst showering (Rooibos or Nivea). And don't forget the sunscreen!

Hope you enjoyed this , let me know what else you'd like to read in the comments below.

Blogger series- Shinysequins Blog, zallibhai and madame dija

Our last post in the blogger series rounds up with the beautiful Nadia from @shinysequins_blog as the first feature:
1. Where are you from?I am from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.


2. When did you start blogging/ start your instagram account?

I started my blog and my Instagram account just over 2 years ago and it’s been a great journey, though very difficult at times to fit in blogging when you don’t do it fulltime but that’s where instagram helps to do daily posts.


3. Describe your style.

My style changes all the time, depends on my mood and where I’m going. From sophisticated looks to boho and casual. I became more casual dresser when my daughter came into this world because it’s easier to be dressed comfy when you have to play and run after a little one.


4. Who do you draw inspiration from?

I embraced Islam years ago and that’s how my love for modest fashion started. The first bloggers I started following and getting inspo from was international bloggers like Dina Tokio and Ascia but at the moment I get my daily inspo fashion fix from local to international bloggers and designers. 


5. Who is your favourite online fashion store/designer?

I don’t have one favourite but many and I always wish I could buy something from all the amazing fashion designers but that’s not possible. All I can say is keep up the good work and continue making Modest fashion evolve.


6. A motto/saying that resonates with you?

Never give up on your dreams no matter how long it takes you to achieve it.


Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

7. How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?
I either ignore negativity or kill them with kindness J
8. Advise for those wishing to start a blog?
If you wish to start a blog, just start but remember it’s not always as easy as it looks, it takes time and effort which some don’t always have (speaking from experience if you a wife, mother, fulltime worker etc.) Tip: never compare yourself to other bloggers and the amount of followers they have for example because that’s going to leave you feeling down and wanting to give up. Remember everyone is not the same some might grow faster than others, get invited to many events and collaborations.

To be honest I felt like just ending it all and stop blogging many times but remembered why I started, for the fun of it and to inspire if even if just a little, In Sha Allah.


Through my blogging and instagram account some doors opened to things I would never have imaged and the most awesome part of it all I met the most amazing, inspirational people though my blogging journey. Alhamdulilaah

Our next feature is Zehra from @zallibhai , a certified trainer and fitness instructor who inspires covered girls to get moving!
1.Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

2.When did you start blogging/start your instagram account?

I stated my Instagram in 2013. At first it was just a way for me to share pics of the kids, healthy recipes and workout ideas with my family and past clients.

I started my blog in 2015, it was a platform for me to share more fitness and nutrition information and have a space where you could easily access recipes and workouts. I am really hoping to grow it into a space where we can build a positive community for women looking to be healthy and active for themselves and their families;)

3.Describe your style.

Ha! In terms of fashion, classic + comfy is what I’d call it. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up for a night out, but to be honest – just because of what I do during the day – I’m often wearing fitness wear. I try to look for workout clothes that not only look great but are also super functional. When I’m not in my sweats or yoga pants, you’ll usually find me in jeans, with a comfy sweater and runners or flats. I also believe that “less is more”. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that it’s less important to have a closet overflowing with outfits than it is to own fewer pieces that you really love.  


4.Who do you draw inspiration from?

My parents were always my biggest supporters and cheerleaders from day one, and they were my first source of inspiration. They showed us what hard work and dedication can get you.  

Naturally I’ve also looked up to other athletes for inspiration. I’ve always been inspired by the dedication, the discipline and the mindset that it takes to constantly strive to be better than you were yesterday. This past summer we all had the honour and privilege of watching Ibtihaj Muhammad compete and medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. I was honestly so proud and moved to see her not only compete but excel amongst the top athletes in the world. It was always my childhood dream to be an Olympic athlete….I dunno maybe i still have time 😉

In Terms of business and blogging, I’m inspired by all the amazing ladies out there, really working hard and putting themselves out there, trying new things, really taking risks and breaking barriers.

5.Who is your favourite online fashion store/designer/brand?

I really shop all over. I usually get my workout clothes from nike, adidas, gap and a canadian company here called Joe. I just look for things that are long and fit well.

I also love to shop at Zara and H&M, I can always find long and modest clothing and they have lots of casual options.

6.A motto/ saying that resonates with you?

Work hard, Play Hard

Also my main Motto is,

Focus on the positive of each situation!

7.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?

You just have to know and remember what your intentions are. If you have confidence in what you’re doing, it’s easy to ignore any negative comments. Don’t take it to heart.

8.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?

Be Authentic in your voice. Offer value to the people you are reaching out to. Connect with the people that take the time to support you. Be consistent and stay true to why you started.

Our last and final feature is Khadija from @madame_dija , A South African living abroad:


1.Where are you from?


Born in the cultural heartland of South Africa, currently living in London the home of Inaya collection, Islamic Design House, Aab Collection and many more great names in the modest world of fashion.


2.When did you start blogging/start your instagram account?


I have always loved to use social media to express myself, I was thus attracted to facebook ,Instagram and more so blogging from the very beginning of my career, roughly 10 years ago. Initially when i started my facebook page it was to promote my brand Madame Dija and from there due to many requests I started sharing modest fashion inspiration and styling tips, and recently started sharing Islamic crafts and DIY’s.


I started by facebook page back in 2010, and my instagram in 2013.


3.Describe your style?


My style changes constantly.I love combining trends and creating my own looks.


4.Who do you draw inspiration from?


I draw inspiration from social media, fashion and craft blogs as well as the following bloggers:


● Dina Tokio

● Nabila B

● Aana Nourin


5.Who is your favourite online fashion store/designer/brand?

My favourite brands are :


● There are lots of international and local designers as well as online fashion stores that i adore , to name a few :


● Modanisa

● Selfridges

● Zara

● H&M





6.A motto/ saying that resonates with you?

Live how you love,love how you live.


7.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?

I usually ignore negative comments or just block…


8.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?

What seems like the most trivial topic to talk about, could be what many ponder about or need answers to..Remember be original ,be unique and don’t be afraid to speak your heart and your mind, that’s called being you..


A heartfelt thank you to each and every blogger who responded to my email and decided to be part of this initiative- it has really thought me so much and I’ve enjoyed learning about everyone’s style and experiences! All the best in your blogging careers ❤️ may we all grow together 

Blogger Series

Blogger Series Day 7  features Areeba from @areebaartistry as the first feature and Raeesa from @veiledbeautyza as the second feature- loving their pretty rose gold and blush ensembles 

1.Where are you from?


– I was born in Pakistan and moved down to South Africa when I was four.


2.When did you start blogging/start your instagram account?


– Areeba Artistry turns two this year in August. 


3.Describe your style.


– I’m still figuring out my style while staying modestly based. It can be a challenge some times, but I love it.


4.Who do you draw inspiration from?


– There are so many amazing bloggers out there and I get inspired from stalking one profile to the other. What really inspires me is when I see an outfit or a clothing item and it is not modest, but I love the style. It sort of pushes me to find a way to wear it modestly. 


5.A motto/ saying that resonates with you?


– So I said this a while back and I feel it describe how I feel completely;

I have never used makeup or fashion to change who I am, in fact, it has helped me bring out my creative side while staying true to myself. Makeup has introduced me into an industry where I am able to help women feel beautiful and I am lucky enough to meet likeminded and unique individuals who I’m inspired by every single day.



6.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?


– I’ve had very few encounters with bullies and negativity, but honestly just ignore them. Don’t give them the satisfaction of your attention.


7.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?


– If you want to start a blog, just do it. Don’t be afraid to share what you love.



8.Your favourite online fashion store/ designer


– I love browsing through Superbalist and Spree. 



1.Where are you from? 

I’m from the wonderful city of Durban 
2.When did you start blogging?

When I started at University, in 2011, that’s when my passion for beauty and fashion developed and I knew I wanted to start a blog. However, university seemed to take over my life and I never got down to actually creating it until the end of 2013.
I never really focused creating content for the blog until mid-2015 but unfortunately in mid-2016, my life totally changed, things got real and I stopped completely. So you could say this marks my return and that I’m officially back and starting afresh now?
3.Describe your style?

Even though, my outfits range from classic to trendy, athleisure to girly- there is still one common thread (no pun intended) throughout all of my looks – which is minimal. I keep my looks clean and I definitely skimp on accessories and 9.999 times out of 10, you will find me wearing solid colours with the exception of stripes and polka dots, here and there. 
4.Who do you draw inspiration from? 

My style inspiration comes from many difference sources, but you will almost always find me browsing Pinterest, reading the Vogue website and watching Fashion TV and I think this is where I source the bulk of my inspiration from. 

Even though I do follow a lot of bloggers on IG, I try not to draw my inspiration from them as sometimes, it can be really difficult to establish your individual style identity but so easy to cross the line between ‘being inspired’ and ‘being a clone’.
5.A motto or saying that resonates with you? 

Mine is simple but a saying that I often find I have to remind myself of, it’s simply “Live life”.

Having a full time job, with insane deadlines, it sometimes can get really overwhelming and extremely difficult to find time to fit in everything on the weekend such as having a social life, focusing on my passion and my blog and spending time with my family. 

But I always stop to remind myself that my weekend “job” is much more important than my weekday one, and that its on the weekend that I actually live life and so that’s where I should focus all of my time and energy. 
6.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media? 

I simply just brush it off and ignore that it happened. At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that social media, be it IG, FB or Twitter, is just an online platform and isn’t real life. So when someone makes a harsh comment, you can’t let it get to you. They don’t know the REAL you, they just know your online persona. 

So in actual fact they’re not even making a comment about who you are but simply on who they think you are, which counts for nothing, really. 
7.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?

To quote Nike, “just do it”. Obviously, have an idea of what you want your blog to be about, who you want your target audience to be and what you will call your blog but don’t overthink it. Once you start it, the rest will fall into place. Just remember to be consistent with your posting, pay attention to grammar and punctuation and remember quality always outweighs quantity. 
8.Favorite online store? 

My favorite online store has got to be, hands down, Superbalist. They have tons of items that are both modest and trendy and I can never ever visit their site without making a purchase.

Blogger series- Rubereloaded and Masiha Patel

Blogger Series day 5 and the first feature is Rushda from @rubereloaded , a South African blogger

1.Where are you from?


Cape Town



2.When did you start blogging/start your instagram account?


October 2012


3.Describe your style.


My style is multifaceted, and I sport a variety of looks which usually combines classic pieces with some trendy inserts.



4.Who do you draw inspiration from?


I am inspired by individuals who are clear about who they are, engage with the world in an authentic manner and live with a passion to serve humanity.


5.Who is your favourite online fashion store/designer?


I like to support local designers, but for those pieces I cant find locally I love Asos UK.



6.A motto/ saying that resonates with you?


Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world,

Today a I am wise so I am changing myself. -Rumi


I have found so much wisdom in this as there is so much to be gained from introspection and self development. I am able to offer more than if I was externally focused.




7.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?


The previous answer speaks to this, I cannot control the perception of others or their comments. So I just focus on being me, in the best way I know how, what others think or say will merely be words, and I just ignore it.



8.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?


When starting a blog, just focus on being true to who you are.

Be clear about the reason for starting the blog, focus on that and work towards it.

Have fun!


Our second feature is a fairly new blogger – Masiha from @themasihapatelblog_
1. Where are you from ?
I live on a small farm called Nqabeni , near port shepstone.

2.When did you start blogging / Instagram account ?

I started my Instagram account last year and my blog 3 months ago.

3.Describe your style 
I wear the abaya full time. I would say my style is very simple. I like wearing plain black abayas and dressing it up with a scarf and shoe.

4.Who do you draw inspiration from ?
I draw most of my inspiration from Amna (@abaya.blogger ) . 

5.Who is your favourite online fashion 

store / designer /brand ?


6.A motto / saying that resonates with you?
Make your haters , your biggest motivators – Khloe Kardashian

7.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media ?
I haven’t dealt with negativity on my social media as yet. I have dealt with negativity a lot in person. To be honest it doesn’t bother me at all , it only made me a much stronger person. 

8.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?
It’s not easy ! 
I just started blogging and I gave up everyday. I didn’t know blogging takes so much of time and effort. I had this feeling if I put my posts out there , people will laugh at me. I also don’t put my face on social media and I didn’t want that to stop me from doing blogging. 
I took a look at other blogs and realised you have to really dedicate yourself and write from the heart. Make sure it’s original. 
It’s very difficult to get followers but give it time and build your blog , everything will fall into place. 
To all those wishing to start a blog, go for it and all the best ! 

Jazakallah to Modestybybash for giving me this beautiful opportunity.  

Blogger Series – Tasneem Valley and Raafia M

Blogger Series Day 4 and we have Tasneem Valley @tasneem_valley from South Africa as the first feature. I hope you’re enjoying this and learning lots- I know I am! 

1. Where are you from?

I’m based in Benoni.. that’s on the east of Johannesburg
2. when did you start blogging/your instagram page?

I was always encouraged by friends to start blogging because of my uncanny passion for fashion and that was over 5 years ago but it just never materialized as much as I would have loved it to, I still have a which I try to update and do posts but damn, it’s hard when u a mum to 4 demanding kiddos, that’s why I prefer interacting wth my followers on Instagram, it’s a much easier platform to keep in touch with what’s new and who’s who and there’s not much reading involved but just the necessary info!
3. Describe you style

My style is very much seasonal and mood dependent, and changes as trends evolves.. Instead of following a trend I love to draw inspiration from it and make it my own!! It’s so important to feel comfortable and own your look as appose to copying a trend that you forced to be comfortable with/in!

4. Who do you draw inspiration from?

My style icons incl women of all ages from all corners of the globe, to mention a few..

Kuwaiti blogger: Ascia_akf

Indian blogger: Monalisha mahapatra

Style icon: Sheikha Mozah

Celebrity designer: Victoria Beckham

Indian designer: Payalkhandwala
5.A motto/saying that resonateswith you? 

 ‘Be humble and never think that you are better than anyone else, for dust you are and unto dust you shall return!’
6. How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?

Develop a thick skin unless… You are being rightly guided or being given advice from sisters who are not judging you but rather advising you or helping you stay steadfast in your deen.. I am so grateful for sisters who have DM’d me and ever so diplomatically advised me on the do’s and dont’s of our deen. I know that we are all human and Insaan and there are times when we all experience some form of struggle especially with the pressures of social media, but the way I see it, when I do receive a negative comment, it’s just a reminder that there’s someone out there who wants to see me better myself as a Muslim woman!
7. Advice for those wishing to start a blog?

 I always say that I was born a decade earlier cos I feel like I’m sharing a platform with amazing, talented and beautiful girls/women who are so much younger than I am, who don’t have to deal with being a housewife/mum/career woman.. It’s hard but gosh I absolutely love it!!! It’s never, ever too late to pursue your dreams, work hard, persevere and find ur niche, make it yours and own it!!!!
8. My favourite online stores/ home entrepreneurs at the moment:

Abayas- Zamaan and Nspired Abayas

Modest wear: Hana-k, hseofbespoke by waseefa Hutton, totallypolished and phasionista_sa.
Scarves- Khalees Fabrics

The second feature is Raafiah Mussa @raafiahm from Botswana:
1.Where are you from?

I’m from Botswana, which is in Southern Africa.

2.When did you start blogging/start your Instagram account?

I created my blog in May 2016, as a form of procrastination actually – that was the one time putting off studying was actually beneficial for me. My blog is now close to its first birthday and I’m quite happy with how far it’s come.

3.Describe your style.

My style has evolved so much over the years and will probably continue to keep changing as I grow. I’ve always stuck to being pretty casual and comfy on a daily basis – nothing beats a pair of well fitted jeans and a good pair of sneakers or boots. Neutral tones are a go-to for me. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love the occasional dress up.

4.Who do you draw inspiration from?
I think street style is one of my biggest inspirations. I love scrolling through my Instagram feed during fashion month to see what bloggers and celebrities are wearing. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are two of my favourites to look out for. I love their effortless ability to pull off any kind of outfit, especially more laid back looks.
I also draw a lot of inspiration from fashion bloggers on Instagram – some of them being Maria Alia, Nabilah Kariem Peck and Negin Mirsalehi.

5.Who is your favourite online fashion store/designer?

I don’t think I have a favourite store or designer. I don’t care where a clothing item is from, if I like it, I buy it.

6.A motto/saying that resonates with you?
I guess the saying that I’d like to think I live by the most is, “live for yourself.” At this moment in my life I’m all about doing things for myself and what makes me happy. I work hard to achieve the things I want in life and ignore all the background noise.

7.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?
I try to ignore the haters as best I can because they don’t know me personally and don’t know the struggles I go through. Most of the time they’re the ones who need to be working on themselves first anyway. It’s all about doing things at your own pace and for the right reasons.

8.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?
Just go for it. Don’t be scared about what other people will think. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have amazing content from the moment you start because you’ll see your blog grow into something better as you keep learning. Always take your time to create content that you’re proud of because it will affect the impression you leave on people. Make sure to also write about things that you’re passionate about – you don’t have to try to be like other bloggers because there’s so many of us out there. You should stand out for being yourself. 


Blogger Series – Modestisle and MakeupHijabs

Day 3 of the Blogger Series features one of my all time favourites, Saman from @makeuphijabs and sfm_fitness. Saman was major inspiration for me personally when I started my hijab journey and I’m still inspired by her unique hijab tutorials

1.Where are you from? 
I am from Toronto, Canada
2.When did you start blogging/start your instagram account? 
I started my Beauty account (makeuphijabs) in 2012 and fitness (sfm_fitness) in 2017. So far I am enjoying my fitness page. I love working out with my husband who is South African :). 
3.Describe your style. 
I think my style keeps changing every year. I like to wear something easy and comfortable. I am a mama of three kids so I don’t have time to deck out all the time. I guess something simple and classy!

4.Who do you draw inspiration from? 

I think my inspiration comes from ladies who are strong and take care of their health. I think I am not the fashionista I used to be. I am getting more into sports like boxing, weight lifting, muay thai and the list goes on.
5.Who is your favourite online fashion store/designer/brand? 

Favorite designer will be Elie Saab. I love to shop at Zara.

6.A motto/ saying that resonates with you? 

Train hard or go home!
7.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media? 

I either ignore them or reply them with kindness. Trust me it works!
8.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?

Learn to to deal with criticism in a positive and productive way. Its ok to receive negative comments once in a while. Trust me it keeps you grounded. Stay humble and try to connect with your fans. Don’t try to act like J.Lo because you aint one. I have been in blogging business for years now so I know how some people (unfortunately) forget who they are. Just be true to yourself!

The second feature is Soraya from @modestisle
1.Where are you from?

I am from South Africa, raised in KZN but now living in Johannesburg.



2.When did you start blogging/start your instagram account?

I started my blog and Instagram account two years ago (2015), in the middle of my baby blues.



3.Describe your style.

I don’t think that I have an official “style”, but if I had to describe it, I would say it is “everyday-laid-back-modern-modest-style”



4.Who do you draw inspiration from?

All inspiration cannot be drawn from one thing, so I draw mine from many.

I am greatly inspired when I see fellow bloggers such as myself reach success. I think “YES! Another one of us has made it!” and it inspires me to keep going.

I am also inspired when I see people struggling, yet constantly trying to improve themselves.


5.A motto/ saying that resonates with you?

“We are stars fashioned into flesh and bone”


6.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?

I ignore them all. They are making fools of themselves, not of me. If they want to make fools of themselves then I say go ahead.


7.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?

Blog because you love to blog, not because you feel you have to or you want to become famous. If you do it for the wrong reasons it might begin to feel like a chore and you will start blogging about things that you are not even passionate about. Also, lower your expectations in terms of making money and gaining followers quickly, it will take some time to get the ball rolling. Good luck and hang in there!


 8. Who is your favourite designer/online store or brand?

At the moment I am totally crushing on Unaizah Toffar’s “Seruna Collection”. The quality of her work is excellent and the entire collection exudes elegance.

Blogger Series – Hijab princessa and simply modesty style

Day two of the bloggers series features the beautiful Rabia from @hijab_princessa_ . She has one of the prettiest pink and pastel feeds that I’ve ever seen-I’m sure this takes alot of patience and planning!

1.Where are you from?

 Im from Germany Hamburg. My parents are Polish.


2.When did you start blogging/start your instagram account?

 I have my Instagram Blog since 3 Years.


3.Describe your style.

 My style is girly and pink/Rosé. 

 I love ruffles & lace. I love pastel colours.. and i hate dark colours.. so in my Blog you will find just some dark photos..
4.Who do you draw inspiration from?

 My inspiration is my mom.

5.Who is your favourite online fashion store/designer/brand?

 I love poplook, modanisa, sefamerve, Lia-fashion.


6.A motto/ saying that resonates with you?

 Every Hijab Princessa needs a Muslim Prince.


7.How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?

 I remove and block them. Those people shouldn’t be jealous and so I don’t want that they will be a part of my life.


8.Advice for those wishing to start a blog?


 You need a trademark.. something what it’s very interesting to see from you.. 

Our second feature is our first South African blogger, Tasneem from @simply_modesty_style . 

1.Where are you from?


I’m from Durban.



2.When did you start blogging/start your instagram account?


I started my Instagram account in July last year (2016) and my blog 3 months later, in October.



3.Describe your style.


I would describe my style as eclectic as I do not conform to one particular style but rather enjoy fusing styles. My style changes from day to day, depending on my mood. Those who follow me on Instagram know by now that my style is also more of an everyday practical style as I lead a busy lifestyle, so comfort is a major factor for me. I love dressing casually with a touch of street or ‘swag’, as it offers great comfort, practicality and makes me feel powerful.



4.Who do you draw inspiration from?


Initially, when I first started dressing modestly, I was greatly inspired by Dina Tokio. Now, I not only draw inspiration from her, but also from everyday street style across the globe.


5.Who is your favourite online fashion store/designer/brand?


I live an average lifestyle, that of a teacher. I have never believed in spending extravagantly, therefore I am not a ‘brand’ kind of person and have never been into ‘labels’. For me, style is independent of these things. However, I do have a favourite store, which is Mr Price. I love it because it offers everyday affordable fashion, which allows me to play with different styles and clothing items, without breaking the bank.



6. A motto/ saying that resonates with you?


“Style is personality. It’s the ability to look at things beyond fashion and the self-confidence to transform even the simplest thing into something special.” – Dolce and Gabbana



7. How do you deal with negativity/bullies on social media?


I firstly delete their negative comment and then privately message them. In that message I tell them that I appreciate that they may be trying to correct my shortcomings as a muslim, but doing it publicly is not the manner in which a fellow Muslim should correct another. I never allow myself to stoop to a level of disrespect, but rather treat them with much more respect than they have treated me. I inform them that I am aware of my shortcomings and am continuously trying to better myself as a Muslimah. I also ask them to make dua for me. I find that by the end of the private conversation, they soften and actually feel ashamed of their actions. I do not believe in publicly embarrassing someone, even if they do so to me.



8. Advice for those wishing to start a blog?


If your intentions are to make money, then you will be highly disappointed because it is very difficult for bloggers to make any form of income in South Africa. I suggest that you only start a blog if you enjoy writing and are passionate about the things you blog about. It is also very difficult to get a following regarding your blog, so I suggest that you first use your social media platforms to generate a substantial following. Once you have an increasing following on your social media, you can generate a following for your blog by using your social media platforms to advertise it.

Starting a blog is easy. You can start your blog for free by using WordPress. However, you need to initially write two blog posts per week in order to help build interest in your blog. Do not be disheartened if you find that very few people read your blog. Be persistent. Write because you love it – not because you want others to love it.