We see you winner’s story

This is the letter that won our hearts, sent in by Ummayyah , daughter of Aunty Sadia. Aunty Sadia was surprised last week by blogger Yaseera from @yasiikinz, she had been admitted to hospital two days later. We wish aunty Sadia a speedy recovery and shifa and everything of the best because you deserve it and so much more. Thank you for allowing us to share your story.

Slms/Hi to everyone who will be reading the email

Before I begin, please understand that I write this email with a very emotional,heavy and grateful heart.

Words cannot describe the amount of sacrifice my mother has made for my siblings and I…whilst I know that every mother goes above and beyond for their children, I'd like to believe that my mother has just had a tad bit extra of everything in life.

My mother's name according to her I.D is Sangeetha Kesaopersadh, but to everyone that knows her, she's Sadia Khan. At a very young age of 19, my mum married my dad and reverted to Islam. She had given him 4 beautiful children (Umar Farouk, Summayyah, Ummayyah and Ummaira khan) and whilst my mum always had a smile on her face, her decision to embrace Islam came with many concequences. my mums family were strict Hindu's and didn't approve of her marriage. My dad's family were strict Tableegs and didn't accept my mother as their daughter in law…And so my mum went about living her life and trying her best to be a good Muslim, mother, wife and above all, a good woman. My mum is the type of person that wants to cook for our neighbours and their neighbours neighbours and be-friend every person she can come across. She would invite anyone and everyone over just to give them a good meal and laugh over life's experiences….Unfortunately my father didn't understand that my mum couldn't speak or read Arabic and it become an issue in their marriage. After 21 years, my mum overcame physical and emotional abuse. There wasn't a bone in my mum's body that wasn’t broken. She was tortured in ways I cannot explain. She had, had her nose broken, her arms, her fingers, and she was even put to drown. Eventually both her knees were broken and she couldn’t walk. My mums family always asked her to leave and come back to live with them and start a new life, but it was on condition that she gives up Islam… My mum always said that she saw light and truth in our religion and she couldn't give up on Allah. she never complained to any friends and even most family members never knew what really went on in her life. She hid her pain for the sake of her children and because she was naturally a happy and bubbly person.

Eventually my siblings and I grew and we were all teenagers…My mum finally summed up the courage to leave my dad and she walked out with absolutely nothing. she lived in a small 1 room back house, started making samoosas and making biscuits on a gas stove with a gas ovan, to pay for rent and buy food. My mum's only request was that my siblings and I come live with her. The decision was tough as my father was a well established business man. We lived on a 42 ache plot in walkerville, we had over 60 sheep, 12 farm workers, 10 greenhouses, bulls, 32 cats and almost every fruit and vegetable you can think off in our yard. My dad supplied city deep. Mum had never worked before… But nonetheless, we chose to live with her. And so my mum bought just 4 spoons, 4 cups, 4 plates and a thin mattress for us to all sleep on…And there we were, from over night spoilt kids, to what felt like poverty. My mum still managed to pay for all our school fees, our food, our clothes and our madressa fees. Eventually she joined a group of Muslim woman (in taleem based in zakariyya park where she had moved to) who helped her learn Arabic and she was than able to teach my little sister and I our sabak. She learnt 4 quls, surah fatiha, daily duas and she begun to read her salaah…

My mum's struggles just never stopped. Alhamdullilah Allah chose to continue to test her and her imaan. We were on our way home and we met a pregnant woman sleeping on the street. She was badly hurt all over her face. My mum decided to ask her if she's OK and the lady could barely speak proper English as she was from Pakistan. After broken communication, it was understood that the ladies husband hit her because she lied to him that she's having a baby boy and the child was a girl. So he kicked her out onto the streets. The lady came to live with us and she gave birth to a beautiful girl who my mum named Amarah. Amarah was the light of our lives and brought us so much of happiness. However her mum soon ran away(7 days after she gave birth) and my mum was so afraid to report her as it would mean that they would take the child away from her…3 years went by, Amarah, who was now my little sister, was probably the hope and courage my mum needed in life. But not for long, her real mum came back after 3 years, demanding her child back as she was going to go back to Pakistan, in the begining my mum refused but eventually had to give her back as her mum was threatening to get the cops involved. On the day that Amarah went back, my mum had a heart attack. Shukr she soon recovered, but there was something missing in her life. My dad than started torturing my mum again by making threats that he is going to kidnap my sisters and I and kill us just to hurt her. (by than my mum had already gotten a life time protection order against my dad, but she could never find the guts or heart to have him arrested). My mum always said that she doesn't know how she would sleep if she put someone behind bars. Her good nature and heart caused her a lot of pain. My mum than had a stroke and suffered for a while before she could regain normal function.

During all of this, my sisters and I were growing, trying to get a good education and change our lives around. Alhamdullilah today, my older sister is an HR manager at an Islamic Company Crescent lifestyle, I spent 5 years at Discovery and left as an executive specialist, I am now a Team Leader at Nedbank(soon resigning once i complete my B.ED) and Ummaira is a snr at Discovery. We now have a beautiful home and we're short of nothing.
During this entire process, my mum never failed to cook 3 meals a day for us, she cleaned the house and made sure our clothes were always washed…And if you think it ended there for my mum, it didn't….It's been 2 years now, that my mum has had stage 5 kidney failure. Both her kidneys are not functioning and she goes for dialysis 3 times a week (she goes at 10am and comes back home at 4pm). And still, EVERY SINGLE DAY, MY MUM COOKS US A LOVING AND EXTRA ORDINARY MEAL. We can spend hours telling her not to cook or do anything and she'll still do it and she'll say that she loves us and that we must be tired coming back from work. It's more than just her cooking though, my mum supports and encourages all of our careers, dreams and aspirations. I forgot to mention that my mum and I both had leukaemia, and we both survived it. My cancer thought me to always give back and ever since the age of 19, I spend my birthday hosting a different event at a different orphanage. I was on the board of committee for a rehabilitation centre called Kids Haven in benoni and belonged to a group called iftaar drive, we feed a different Muslim orphanage every ramadhaan but only on weekends. Mum spends her days helping me( actually she does all the cooking and I just rock up with food) with any and every event I've ever hosted, big or small…

My mum used to weigh 85kgs and she now weigh's 48…All of her clothes don't fit her and we'be been buying her new clothes every month. The reason for my email is because I want to do something good/ special for her to thank her for all she's given up and for all she's done for my siblings and I. The one thing that I look up to my mum for, was that she never ever stopped wearing her hijaab. I'm 26 years old now, and it's been 3 years that im in scarf.(sometimes I do go out without my scarf, but I wear my scarf to work every day) , I still remember the days my mum would nag me to please cover up and please dress decently and please wear my hijaab….today, I can honestly say that because of my mum, I am a respected young lady at work and in my community because I dress in a modest manner.

My mum would spend her every last cent on whatever my sisters and I want (even until today) and she doesn't ever ask for anything in return. She's been admiring abayas similar to the ones that is part of the competition and I'd appreciate even if she just won that. Regardless of whatever religion we are, my mum is such a strong and persevering woman. Even if she doesn't win, I almost feel better for typing this, because now I've praised her to someone( because I could never tell her how much she means to me to her face)

P.S please mind my bad spelling and grammar, it's first rozar and I'm studying and I have a headache lol oh and one last thing, my mum managed to change her name at home affairs, so she had a new I.D that says Sadia kesssopersadh and they want a marriage certificate to change her surname and we all know that's not going to happen…

I make Dua for my dad every day that Allah closes his wounds and heals him and gives him peace and happiness as I feel he did all of that out of anger.

Thank you for reading
Ummayyah Khan

Pic of the family with a pic of Amarah stuck on the curtain


6 thoughts on “We see you winner’s story”

  1. Mashallah

    May Allah grant her the highest stage of Jannah.
    This brought tears to my eyes. Single mothers are the unsung superheroes of our communities. Let us not me negligent in our duties to our neighbors.

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  2. Absolutely amazing . This really touched my heart. I make Dua the almighty grant her complete shifa , accepts all of her Duas and efforts and eternal happiness, Ameen.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an amazing woman! I admire her strength & steadfastness through all the trials Allah has put her through. And through it all she has remained soft hearted & merciful. I yearn to have these qualities. May Allah reward her with khair in this world & the next & may her children always be the coolness of her eyes. Aameen. You guys have chosen a worthy winner!!!

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  4. Ma sha Allah this brought tears to my eyes and I can’t stop it now – it pains me to read how much your mum has gone through and we take our easy life for granted. We take our parents for granted. Allah ease her pain. My Duas go out to you and your family. May Allah soften your fathers heart and reunite you all in jannat Ameen.


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