Hijabi boss babes

One of the most requested tips have got to be from ladies requesting tips on how to style themselves modestly for interviews and the corporate environment as well as for meetings. I therefore decided that it would be fun to put together a few looks as a reference guide. Let’s dive straight into them.
My first look is a longer length navy cape that I purchased last year from @shop.style.snap , which I’ve paired with a white flare sleeved top from @lunahcpt and an off white wide leg pants from Bershka. Shoes are from Mr Price , bag from Colette and scarf from Hayaa Box. You could wear navy pants , wear any formal crisp white shirt and add a few accesories to this look. Why not try a white maxi dress, even one with flared sleeves for a trendy but even more modest look?

The next look is for those ladies who prefer not to wear pants- I wanted to demonstrate that you can totally still fit into the corporate world. I’ve worn a plain black straight winter dress from Mr Price which could easily be swopped for an abaya. The coat is a recent purchase from H&M , it was 50% off too! Shoes are from Zara and scarf from Turkishly Delightful. 

My third look is pink , because sometimes you’ve just got to embrace your femininity- every one needs atleast one powersuit. I love the printed fabric on this one but I wish the pants were a bit wider. This suit was purchased from Fashion Fusion in Durban , shoes are from La Capella. Shirt is from Legit and scarf from Hayaa Box.

Next up is 2 different looks created by making slight changes. 
Look one :

A winter trench coat from H&M worn with Bershka wide legged pants in red, the same white shirt above from Legit , the same Mr price heels from the first look and a pearl scarf from Modanisa. This look would look just as great if you swopped out the red pants for black or any other colour really. Simple and so elegant!
Look 2:

Here I’ve removed the trench and added a sleeveless coat (you could wear a shorter one too) and I’ve changed the scarf to a beige one from Al  Shazia in Durban. The handbag/clutch is from planet54.com (don’t forget my discount code ‘bash10’)
-In my opinion a simple navy or black blazer should be a closet staple.

– A sleeveless coat/blazer  in black/white/navy or tan as well as easy to style scarves in the same colours will go a long way

-wide leg pants or palazzo pants are easy to style but generally difficult to find so if you find a pair you’re happy with, take them in every colour!

– A formal shirt in white and one in black is versatile for your work wardrobe but even for the weekend it will look amazing with your favourite pair of jeans and a statement neckpiece. 


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